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Eyelash Extensions


We can decide together which type of lashes will be the best option for you during your initial appointment. Ciao Bella can provide lash fill services only to clients who have received their full lash extensions at Ciao Bella. Thank you. We only use Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli. Lash Extensions are fun for vacations and special events. Many clients enjoy them year round. Lash Extensions are a very popular service but they do require some maintenance and diligence on your part to ensure the health of your lashes. Please follow the after care instructions for optimal results:

Do not get your lashes wet for 24 hours.

If you get them wet within the first 24 hours, the lashes will fall off or clump together. You must allow the adhesive time to bond


Do not use oil based products, including makeup remover, facial cleansers, eye creams and moisturizers.

Oil will break down the adhesive and your lashes will fall off prematurely


Do not work out or sweat for 24 hours.


No sauna, steam, hot baths for 24 hours.


Do not cry.

The salt from your tears will degrade the adhesive and your lashes will fall off sooner


Do not scrub or rub your eye area. Instead, gently pat your eyes if they are irritated.


Do not wear mascara or curl your lashes. This will break your natural lashes.


Do not pull out your lash extensions.

If you would like your extensions removed, please book a removal service to ensure your natural lashes stay healthy


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