Experience the ancient art of hair removal using thread. This technique has been used to groom women in Asia and India for centuries.  This method is excellent for clients with sensitive skin, especially those who are using any form of Vitamin A in their skincare routine.  Clients who have experienced skin burns from waxing will appreciate threading as an alternative means to facial hair removal.  Threading is excellent at removing vellus as well as coarse facial hair.

Price Menu

Brow Design (First Time Clients)                      $20

Brows                                                                   $12

Brow and Lip special                                          $15

Full Face (including brows)                               $50

Full Face (excluding brows)                               $40

Cheeks                                                                    $7

Sideburns                                                               $7

Jawline                                                                    $7

Chin                                                                         $6

Lip                                                                            $6

Nose                                                                         $8

Neck                                                                       $10

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